Sampling valve with PFA / FEP lining

  • for liquid media
  • für media containing solids
  • ventilation: system external to atmosphere

DN 15 – 100, PN 10 – 40
NPS ½“ – 4“ / Class 150 – 300

Application range: -29 < T < 150°C, vacuum 10-8 mbar

Spec Sheet
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Design Features

  • sampling directly from container/tank
  • representative sampling with pre-defined sample size
  • custom bottle connector
  • container connection optionally with weld-ends or flanges
  • sample size from Pmin 25 ml to Pmax 100 ml


  • various materials for body and lining available
  • ball made of stainless steel
  • automation

Working Principle


The specified values depend on the respective application (medium). Operating temperatures under -20°C only with body material 1.4408 or low-temperature steel. Hight pressure resistance / temperature resistance on request, e.g. PN 40.

Sleeve: There are different sleeve materials / compounds available.


Standard body materials
• Stainless Steel 1.4308, ASTM A351 CF8

Standard Ball material
• Stainless Steel 1.4308, ASTM A351 CF8

Special materials
• Carbon Steel 1.0619, ASTM A216 WCB
• Stainless Steel 1.4408, ASTM A351 CF8M
• Unalloyed stainless steel casting (low Temp.) 1.1138, LCC/LCB/A352

Lining materials
• Body: PFA, PFA-conductive, FEP
• Ball: PTFE, PFA, PFA-conductive, FEP
• Seal Ring: PTFE

Sealing Systems

Chemical sealing to prevent fugitive emissions of aggressive and toxic media with PTFE packing for additional stem sealing; Tmax 230°C

Type CAS

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