Plug Valve Speed Repair

For one of the largest manufacturers of nutritional supplements for animal feed worldwide, who is using AZ plug valves, we conducted a speed repair. Like every 5 years, the ammonia line had to be serviced, as did the first half of the valves involved: a total of 23 valves


Overhaul After 10 Years

The valves were in use for about 10 years, the total of five 20" and 16" plug valves with full bore design at our customer's plant (manufacturer of polypropylene and polyethylene). Now the valves have been completely overhauled while the customer‘s plant was in a planned maintenance shutdown, starting


More Solar Power

On the recently acquired building next to the AZ Armaturen main plant, a solar system with 270 kW output (for self-consumption) was recently installed and thus complements the area-wide equipment of the main plant with photovoltaics, which already provides a nominal output of 422 kW (of which 266 kW self-consumption).


Online Sales Meeting in May

Due to the pandemic, the spring sales conference could not be held as a face-toface event, so instead there was again an online conference with several sessions. We have learned a lot from past digital events, and so the spring sales meeting was well prepared and equipped, so that,


New Design: Plug valve with exchangeable cartridge

Our newly designed valve type CARTRIDGE-N offers fast service for welded plug valves as well as optimization of inline service Typ CARTRIDGE-N Forged steel plug valve with weld-ends and aligning pins for fast, easy and above all safe installation and maintenance Your advantages using CARTRIDGE-N: Block design with special